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Vacation Drama = Lasting Memories

In the movie, there is a very funny scene involving RV septic systems, and the family nicknames their RV “The Rolling Turd” – I swear there must have been a Hollywood writer witnessing our trip and getting movie ideas!

The RockyTrax Family

Our Family Gavin, our oldest, kind of started this crazy journey by being the first member of our family to have an interest in dirt biking. Having grown up on ranches my whole life, I was partial to horses, but when we moved from town to the country, I knew we would...


A Brutally Honest Disclaimer Here is a brutally honest disclaimer you likely won’t hear from a customer oriented business: “The customer is not always right” and “There is no such thing as a 100% satisfaction guarantee.” You might be thinking that if I’m trying to...

What is Adventure

For some, adventure is back packing in the Himalayas or adventure biking across Asia. Still for others, it’s more instantaneous, like sky diving or bungee jumping. Few live in these extremes. What about the rest of us? What does adventure look like? Maybe it’s taking...

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